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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Good Morning Students, Parents and Staff!


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Remote Instruction is provided only to those students who are under quarantine.

*If your child is under quarantine, please have them email their teachers to set up google meets. 


Wellness Screenings are no longer needed when your child comes to school this year.  Please just make sure they are healthy when you send them on the bus or drop them off.


If you need to pick up your Jr High student during the school day please contact Mrs. Jones in the office at 217-498-9761 ext 1002 or  This way we can try to get your child out to you in a timely manner.  When you do pick up your child, you will pull up to the front of the Jr High and call the phone number above.  Your child will be walked to your car, so you may sign them out of the building.



Few reminders about RJHS:

  • The doors at RJHS open at 7:45.

  • The tardy bell rings at 8:05 which means that students should be in class, ready to learn by 8:05.

  • School is dismissed at 3:05.

  • Lunch is 12:22 - 12:52

  • Students should bring a plastic water bottle (with a lid).  Water fountains are not available, although we do have bottle filling stations. 

  • Parent drop-off & pick-up is on the NORTH side of the building, near the auditorium doors (across the parking lot from the football field).  Buses will drop-off & pick-up on the SOUTH side (route 29 side) of the building.

  • Please make sure your student's chromebook is charged and ready to go tomorrow morning!

  • Student phones should be turned off and out of sight during the school day, although students are allowed to use them at lunch time.  Airpods/earbuds/headphones are only to be used in class when directed by the teacher such as when students are independently watching videos for instruction. 

  • Students should report directly to their first period (Learning Lab) class upon arrival.

  • Lockers will only be used before school, at lunch time, and after school.

  • No gaiters, please use a mask.



If you are bringing in lunch money please put it in the Lunch Money box on Mrs Jones’s desk in the office when you come in first thing in the morning.  The cafeteria comes to collect the lunch money later in the morning.


Dress Code – Dress for Success

Rochester Junior High School is committed to preparing students for the next steps in their lives such as high school, college, career, and postsecondary life success. Part of navigating the world is understanding the importance of context. Choosing the right attire for different contexts is an important life skill. Clothing shall not be of a style nor shall it contain words or depictions that create a clear and present likelihood that it will cause a material and substantial disruption of the proper and orderly operation and discipline of the school or school activities. Words or messages that are so offensive to any individual or group as to create an immediate reaction disruptive to the orderly operation of the school or school activities are prohibited. The “Dress for Success Norms” encourage students to keep their focus on learning, maintaining age-appropriate expectations, and providing an environment that allows students to feel comfortable and to express their individuality appropriately. Rochester staff have taken great strides to ensure that these straightforward Dress for Success Norms apply equally to both male and to female students. We strive to enforce these rules respectfully and without judgment.



  • All students must follow these norms at school and all school-sponsored events. This includes, but is not limited to, school activities, field trips, and school-sponsored afterschool programs. 

  • Students should dress appropriately for school, wearing clothing that is well-suited for a school environment. 

  • Clothing will completely cover torso through top of chest, including backside in non-see-through materials. 

  • The front and back of a shirt (or top of any kind) must be connected by at least 2 inches of fabric over both shoulders 

  • Clothing must cover all undergarments. 

  • Head and face will be uncovered. Appropriate headgear may be worn for warmth and protection outdoors and inside for religious reasons or special circumstances. 

  • Clothing, accessories, and visible tattoos that display or promote negative messages are not permitted. These could include, but are not limited to, illegal or prescription drugs, gangs, weapons, alcohol, or tobacco-related information, obscenities, putdowns, stereotypes, sexual innuendo, plainly offensive subject material, or disruptive activities. 

  • Safety is paramount. Footwear (sneakers, boots, sandals, etc.) must be worn at all times. State law specifies that safety glasses must be worn in shops and labs when working with machinery and/or chemicals. Pierced jewelry that presents a safety hazard, spiked apparel, spike accessories, animal collars, or chains that can be used as weapons are prohibited. 



When a student’s outfit does not meet the Dress for Success Norms, he or she will be asked politely to address the issue. This can be done in whatever way the student feels works best for him or her. Options include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Adjusting the fit of the clothing (if possible to do so and meet the guidelines) 

  • Putting on something else that is already at school (PE uniform, jacket, etc.) 

  • Calling home and requesting a change of clothes R


Rochester staff will address noncompliance with the Dress for Success Norms in a respectful and professional manner; our intent is not to shame individual students for their wardrobe choices. We would expect that no student should need to be asked more than twice, in one year, to adjust their attire to meet the norms. Having to ask more than twice becomes an issue of disrespect rather than an issue about dress.


We appreciate parent and student cooperation in our efforts to make our Dress for Success Norms and their enforcement fair, balanced, and gender-neutral.



Lunch Menu:


August menu




Rocket Line - Popcorn Chicken Bowl

Corner Crust Pizza - BBQ Chicken Sriracha 

Custom Bros Grill - Bosco Sticks

Salad Bar - Fried Chicken




Rocket Line - Meatball Sub SW

Corner Crust Pizza - Pepperoni, Sausage & Onion

Custom Bros Grill - Bacon Cheeseburger

Salad Bar - Cobb