Band Camp

We are excited to announce that the Rochester Junior High School will be hosting a  minicamp during the mornings of July 26th-29th (Monday thru Thursday) from 9 AM until 11:30 AM.   If you are a current member of the band, a former member who wishes to get back and involved, or a student who wants to learn how to play a musical instrument, you are all welcome to participate.

With last school year’s loss of many hours of group instructional time, especially with the upcoming 7th graders, this will give our students an opportunity to: 

1) Get students back playing their instruments in a group setting.

2) Better prepare for the start of the school year’s music literature and start to develop a consistent warm-up routine we will use for this school year.

3) Expose the students to the audition process for our seating/part assignments as well as the ILMEA District Honor Band procedures. 

4) Have some positive learning experiences as a “Marching Band” with hopes to perform for the Rochester Homecoming Parade with the JH Band.

5) Have some fun with our awesome Rochester Band students!

There is NO COST for participating in the Rochester JH Band Camp.  Students will need the following:

  1. Instrument and any accessories needed. (reeds/oil, etc).

  2. Comfortable clothes with tennis shoes, a hat, and sunscreen (no sandals).

  3. Water bottle (we will be outside for part of the morning).

  4. 3 ring binder for music. 

The tentative schedule for each day is as follows:

9:00- arrival and check-in at door #7 in the back of the building and begin warm-up procedures.

9:30- a preview of Fall Music/audition materials(students will receive music copies for binder).

10:15- snack break

10:30- Learn some basic marching fundamentals (posture/horn position/footwork/alignment).

11:30- Dismissal

All students are welcome and encouraged to participate, even if they may not be able to attend the entire camp.  If you have any questions please contact Mr. Jones at